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Disclaimer: Bentaus Energy


Read this information carefully before you place an order or make further use of our website. The content of the webpages of and other websites of  Bentaus Energy is compiled by Bentaus Energy, established in [ADDRESS] meets all international regulations regulations.

Information about products and services

You can receive information by e-mail or chat about our products, your orders and services. When you do not want to receive any commercial information, you can arrange that at any time by using the ‘Unsubscribe’ option at the bottom of the e-mail, chat, or contact us via the contact page.

Use of the Website

Bentaus Energy always aims to provide correct, complete, and current information that is based on sources we consider to be reliable. 

 However, we do not make any guarantee or statement about the correctness and completeness of that information (neither expressly nor implicitly). You cannot derive any rights from the provided information, recommendations, and calculated values. This information is exclusively indicative and is subject to change and prices are heavily dependent on crypto coin values and activities in the market.

Conditions for use of new/blog/chat

Ideas, views, and opinions can be exchanged on the blog (news page) and chat of Bentaus Energy The terms and conditions of use apply to these. Visitors who do not comply with these can be excluded.

Visitors treat each other with respect. Use appropriate words in discussions with each other and do not attack the person. Discrimination, insults, incitement, or other objectionable behavior is not permitted.

The blog (news page) and chat are suitable for all subjects that have to do with crypto mining and cryptocurrencies. Irrelevant subjects, spam, commercial texts, and advertising will be removed.

Spreading untruths about companies or people is not permitted. Libel and defamation are forbidden by law. Make it clear whether something is a fact or an opinion.

Always state a source if you post (part of) someone else’s text. Copyright is legally protected.

The statements and opinions on the blog (news page) and chat are those of the author(s), not (necessarily) those of Bentaus Energy. Bentaus Energy cannot be held responsible in any way for the content thereof and is not liable for any (in)direct damage that results from the relevant statements. Bentaus Energy cannot guarantee that the information on the blog (news page) and chat is suitable for the purpose for which you consult the information. If you follow recommendations and tips, that is at your own risk.

Intentionally spreading information for personal financial gain (such as exchange manipulation) is not permitted.

Bentaus Energy reserves the right to exclude visitors and not to post, remove, or modify messages, comments, and reviews.

Geographic limitations

Bentaus Energy offers its products globally. Note: as a visitor to the website, you are responsible for complying with the laws and regulations in your country.

Investment results

The value, costs, and returns in the energy industry can fluctuate from day to day. It is therefore important to know that results achieved in the past offer no guarantee for the future. Bentaus Energy does not influence market changes or price changes and cannot be held liable for these changes.

Information from third parties

If you follow hyperlinks to websites of third parties, that is at your own risk. Bentaus Energy accepts no responsibility or liability concerning the content, use, or availability of those sites. We have not verified the truthfulness, correctness, reasonableness, reliability, and completeness of information on the websites of third parties.

Limitations of liability

Bentaus Energy accepts no responsibility or liability concerning the content of the Website, price changes, results, and exchange changes. Bentaus Energy can always, without prior announcement, change information or prices on the website. Further, we are not liable and we offer no guarantee for the uninterrupted and error-free function of the Website and for the consequences of not being able to send or receive email messages concerning the service of Bentaus Energy, as well as for damaged, incorrect, or non-timely sending or receiving of the same. Neither is Bentaus Energy liable for damage or defects that can occur due to your visit to and use of the Website. The liability of Bentaus Energy is limited to the delivery of a non-defective product and the manufacturer’s guarantee provided by the producer. The prices of our products or services can be bound to fluctuations in the financial/crypto market over which Bentaus Energy has no influence and that can occur within the withdrawal period.

Intellectual property

All copyrights, patents, intellectual and other property rights, and permissions in that area that apply to the content of the Website belong to and are obtained by Bentaus Energy. These rights do not transfer to persons who gain access to this information.


Bentaus Energy guarantees that your data will be handled confidentially in accordance with the Personal Privacy Act and the Code of Conduct for the Processing of Personal Data by Financial Institutions. Bentaus Energy only provides your personal data to third parties if this is needed for the implementation of an agreement with you, an order, or to meet a legal obligation. Bentaus Energy makes use of cookies on the Website. More information about privacy and the use of cookies is included on the Website.

For more information, also see the Privacy Policy

All disputes arising as a result of the use of this website, in any manner whatsoever, will be exclusively presented to the competent court.

We recommend in case of ambiguities that you consult Privacy Policy and Disclaimer when using this website.

Reference will always be made to this disclaimer on the Website via (*).



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