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A Message From The Founder

 Welcome to Bentaus Energy – Our team is mission-driven to create a positive change through innovation and groundbreaking technologies. We believe by having the core foundation of our mission geared towards helping people and the environment we can really make a difference that is impactful. When you are filled with passion to make a positive change we can take our gifts, in our case being technology specialists, and apply them to the energy sector to make that positive difference.  To be able to surround yourself with a team that also wants to drive positive change is very humbling and rewarding.  We can now all focus together to continue to grow technologies that will continue to drive this change to help people and the environment.  Making a conscious effort to fuel these future technologies using renewable energy sources and how these technologies can also help the environment in a worldwide goal of decarbonizing just even drives us further.


Build and Create Innovative Energy Solutions

Bentaus Energy is committed to developing cutting-edge technologies, embracing renewable energy, and implementing decarbonization methods in the energy sector.


Drive Positive Impact

Bentaus Energy is dedicated to making a positive global impact by developing innovative and efficient energy solutions while minimizing its environmental footprint.


Help People and Our Planet

With the simple philosophy of does the action of our company start with the intent of helping people and our planet, we are motivated to execute on driving positive impact by creating innovative solutions.

Bentaus Energy

Our Leadership Team

Robert Davidoff

CEO and Founder

Matt Stewart

VP of Operations

Gary Sinclair


Erika Leal

Creative Director

Sky Dauth

SVP, Operations

Strategic Partners


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